Relying on a SOC creates a peace of mind that allows companies to focus on real business enablers.

Most companies nowadays are aware that a Security Operation Center is the best solution to face cyber security threats: it simplifies the management of security events, increases the visibility, and improves the strength to respond to security threats.

You thought it was too expensive, or too complicated? Think again.

You might also know that a good security operation center requires investments in a SIEM technology, very specific expertise in cyber security defense, a team of hard to find IT-profiles (which you’d want to train and retain), and a crew to monitor threats 24/7.

These required investments of setting up an inhouse SOC might range up to more than 500k/year and there are no immediate returns to make up for that. 

That’s why Excellium and TD SYNNEX offer you an affordable SOC as a service:

What can XLM360 Foundation do for you?

Any organization nowadays wants adequate cyber security protection but has to implement security controls according to budget guidelines and the acceptable risk policy.

So, how do you know when a SOC is the missing piece in your battle against cyber security threats? Following questions might help to reflect:

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